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Church Library Borrowing Rules

  1. The collections of the  Church library are limited to members of the church for borrowing. For non-members, members should borrow books on their behalf, or register with the library as a temporary reader. Children under the age of ten should borrow from their parents.
  2. Number of books to borrow: There is no limit to the number of books borrowed by each reader; please consider the needs of other members and consider the number of books to lend.
  3. Borrowing period: The loan period of each book is three weeks (21 days), and can be renewed once.The borrowing period of audio-visual materials is three weeks (21 days), and can be renewed once.
    The loan period of the current periodicals and magazines is one week (seven days). Three weeks (21 days) for outdated periodicals and magazines.
  4. Please borrow collections and use the library during the opening hours of the library on Sundays. The on-duty librarian will serve you wholeheartedly. During the time when there is no librarian on duty, members can check out the borrowing procedures by themselves. Please refer to the self-service borrowing method.
  5. Please do not take books out of the library that have not been checked out.

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