Our church has different cell groups and fellowship groups composed of believers who love the Lord. They are committed to deepening our relationship with God through prayer, reading the Bible and sharing each other’s testimonies. There are also different social activities to build a deep bond and friendship between brothers and sisters, so that we can grow together and help each other.
Our cell groups and fellowships have different languages and meeting times to suit everyone’s needs. Whether you are a new believer, someone who is exploring the faith, or someone who has been a Christian for many years, we welcome you to join our cell groups or fellowships to seek the truth and the word of God with us, we believe that in mutual support and encouragement, we can understand God better and follow Him more firmly.
If you would like to know more about our fellowship, please contact us. We look forward to sharing our love of God and life with you, and growing and learning together with you. Thanks!

Cell Groups

Faith Hope Love (Thursday weekly)
Leader: Ann and John

Grace + Grace (Saturday monthly)
Leader: April

5 Fish + 2 Bread (Saturday)
Leader: Flora

Emmanuel (Sunday)
Leader: Juliana and Ed


Mandarin (Saturday biweekly 7:30pm)
Leader: Feng Zhao

Morning Light (Tuesday weekly 9:00am)
Leader: Anna Ye

Evergreen (Saturday monthly)
Leader: Estella

English Fellowship
Leader: Ming Liang